Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sweet Pictures and The Holidays

I haven't blogged about our holidays and what has become a three week Christmas vacation thanks to our crazy winter weather we are having! I don't have enough time in my day to tell you all the stories and all the blessings that this holiday season has brought our family! Just know that it was wonderful and truly a blessed time! That said, I thought I might share just a few pictures that were taken during the break! The ones of our kiddos were taken by Loren King Photography who also has a SmugMug account that you should check out! She is fantastic!

The Wood Family date night to Noodles and the Fayetteville Square to see the lights! A beautiful night with some great memories!

The boys HAD to have their picture taken with the Christmas Razorback!
Hunter ~ I love this picture of him!
Braden ~ Can you tell he can be rough and tumble? :)
Sweet Brothers ~ Again, I absolutely LOVE this picture!
The younger definitely looks taller than the older in this one.......
Cousins ~ It's difficult to get six kiddos to ALL look at you at once, huh Lou? :)
YAY for cousins!

So them! The perfect Hunter face!!!
Sweet Bubba cousins!

As you can very much tell, we Wood/Salas/Alarid's make some pretty ADORABLE children!!!!

Hope you all had a WONDERFUL Christmas, as we did! To God be all the glory, honor, and praise in this New Year!!!

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Little Miss Loren said...

haha yeah it wasnt too easy!! but i think most turned out cute!