Saturday, January 9, 2010

First Basketball Game

This morning was Hunter and Braden's first basketball game. We have been blessed again to be able to have them both on the same team. I'm sure that the fact that we can get away with that wont last long, so we are eating it up while we can! :) I love watching them play together as teammates. Shouldn't brothers always play as teammates? I think so!
Anyway, that game was one of the funniest, cutest, saddest things I've ever seen! I'm going to use the excuse that the team hadn't practiced in a month....Regardless, I cheered like a very-proud momma!
Lee is out of town this weekend and had to miss it! Poor Daddy! We wish he could have been there!
I wish I could have gotten it on video, but as I walked out the door I remember the camcorder and that it's battery was dead! Bummer! My camera also wouldn't take good pictures in the gym so I was only able to get a few shots afterward.

My Uncle Dan and Lou Lou came to watch the boys play! It meant SO much to me to have them there and the boys LOVED having them come! :) We love you both so very much!!

So the first game is behind us, and LOTS of practice is ahead! (HAHAHA!!) Hopefully I'll be able to get some action shots next game! :)
We are now getting ready to head to the Osmon's for little AbiJean's 1st Birthday party! So fun!! Have a wonderful Saturday!

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Little Miss Loren said...

hahahaha i look like a little person!!