Monday, January 18, 2010

Goals and Giving Shaving a Try

Yesterday, during the evening service at church, Hunter was writing notes and wrote this ~ It melted my heart. I pray for him everyday, that he will grow in his faith and be a mighty man of God! Lord, help him to achieve his goal!

Today, this same sweet boy decided to give shaving his face a try. He was in the shower, saw his daddy's razor, and the curiosity overtook him. There was blood!
Then there was a wild story about trying to swim in the tub and getting cut on the faucet....after having a long talk about lying, the embarrassing, yet obvious, truth came out and so did an apology for the lie! Bless his heart, he is a good boy! :) After the cut was cleaned up, we all had a good laugh. His brother asked him, in all seriousness, if he felt like a man now! LOL!! This will definitely be one of those memories that will be retold for years to come! Boys....gotta love em!! :)


kittyosmon said...

Chris and I are laughing out loud!

Sassy Cassie said...

so the during the first part of the post I got a little teary eyed sooo sweet so precious and the second part about the same reaction except that I was tearing up because I was laughing so much! love you sara