Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ballgames Ballgames and more Ballgames

This is a weekend guessed it, ballgames! We had one on Friday, and we have one this afternoon and then again on Monday. It makes life busy! Hey, I'm not complaining mind you. We were very blessed to be able to get both boys on the same machine-pitch team, and for all you multi-child/ballplayers mommas out there, you know exactly why I would call this little miracle a blessing! :) ONE practice schedule, ONE game schedule, ONE snack list, ONE end-of-the-season party to attend; I'm sorry, I'll stop now! Last year they were on different teams, one in t-ball and one in coach-pitch, and I had not known busy until that season! AGH!! So I do not overlook the blessing(however small it may seem to some).
I do like going to the ball field, particularly on a day like today, when the weather is just beautiful! I love seeing my little ballplayers all dressed up in their uniforms, and playing their little hearts out. And play they do! They are very competitive, a trait they definitely got from their father. :) Something changed in my babies, between last ball season and this one.....they developed the testosterone swagger. Anyone know what I'm talking about? It's the scratchin, spittin, seed chewin, all confidence, all male swagger! I couldn't help but laugh watching all those little guys out on the field, acting like little men! Sooo funny and sooo cute!! My boys are now addicted to watching baseball on TV. They try and replicate the baseball behavior on the machine-pitch field! Love it! But.....after every game, my little swaggerin men, STILL run to their momma for a "Good job, bubba!" and a kiss! Nothing better than that!

My Little Braves

Monday, May 25, 2009

A Day of Memories

It's a rainy Memorial Day here. We had an outside day planned, but those plans have been postponed until the rain moves out. So until then, I'm sitting at the computer, in blogging world, with coffee in hand. Now, I can drink my coffee with cream, no sugar; but on days like today, why should I have to! It's warm, sweet, and delicious!! But I guess I didn't come to post on how I drink my coffee!
What I did want to post about are some memories of those past. Those precious lives that I will one day see in heaven! But before that, I do want to say how grateful I am to those who fought and lost their lives to give us the freedom we all enjoy! May we never forget, freedom is never free!! Ok, now back to memories! I have some precious people waiting for me in heaven! First, my Memaw (my great-grandmother). I grew up living right down the road from her. She was a wonderful woman, who loved the Lord very much and it was her great joy to unfold scripture. She loved Bible study and was a avid Bible writer. My mom has her Bible and it is a treasure trove of insite from this wise woman, who never hesitated to mark up and take notes in her Road Map. Did she have any idea that thoses notes and marks would effect and minister to generations like they have? For as long as I could remember, Memaw had said she wanted to either go in the rapture, or die on Easter Sunday morning. She would say, "What a great resurrection day that would be!" On Easter Sunday 2003, the Lord honored my Memaw and gave her the desire of her heart and she had a great resurrection day! I am so happy that both my boys got the chance to meet her. They still talk about her; Hunter, from his own little memories and Braden, from the memories of others!
I also have a Granny and Grandpa Flanders who are also in heaven. Both loved the Lord and each other! They were a picture of absolute devotion. A wonderful blend of class and crazy! My Granny Flanders was a great and mighty prayer warrior. She prayed daily for every member of our large family! Oh to be like her, faithful to fall on my knees before the King of Kings daily!
Lastly, but most certainly NOT least, I have two babies in heaven waiting for me! Children who I love desperately and miss more than any one knows, but who I never met face-to-face! What a day that will be, when I can hold them in my arms and kiss their sweet faces, when I can hear their little voices say Mommy!! But until that day, there will be two little pieces of my heart already there. Two little members of the Wood family who are missed and will be remembered always.

Oh how the memories flood me now! I have and will again mourn the absence of these precious people, but the Lord has turned my mourning into laughter and joy once again! I hear my boys and my husband wrestling on the couch and I am reminded anew that I am blessed!
"Lord, You give and take away. My heart will choose to say, Lord, blessed be Your name!"
Amen and Amen!
Well, it looks like the sun finally came out! Off to our day of outside play!!
Until next time, may God fill you with His joy!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Lee!

Today is the 29th anniversary of the birth of the love of my life!! As I am preparing to meet this man for lunch, I can't stop thinking about how much the Lord has blessed me through him and my life with him. This year, we will be married for 10 years! We got married so young and really grew up together. We have been through SOOO much in those 10 years. As I think about where we have been, what the Lord has brought us through, and where we are now, I can't help but sob! God is good ALL the time!
Now, I'll just tell you a little bit about this amazing man I call my husband! He is patient, which is important because he lives with ME! I never have to wonder whether he has sought the Lord on a decision, because he always does! He loves the Lord and seeks to please and serve Him. He is an incredible dad and he is a super-hero to our boys. He teaches PE at the same school that our boys attend and you would think he hung the moon at that school! Again, he is a man of such patient, he teaches elementary PE after all! He also is a cross-country/track coach for a school just starting new traditions. He is a very talented and gifted coach, and that's a proven fact, not just a biased opinion! :) He gave that passion to the Lord, and in turn the Lord has given him the desires of his heart. And as if he had nothing else to do, he is a youth pastor. Sometimes I listen to him teach the Word and I get chills. He is certainly anointed! He would be the first to say that God does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called! Lee is the calm in so many of my storms. He is the funniest person I know, no one can make me laugh as much as he can. He respects others and is kind. He never meets a stranger and is so easy to talk to. He is gentle and is self-controlled. He is loyal and encouraging. He is wonderfully crazy. He loves running, any type of sports, Mexican train, reality TV :), spending time with his family, the great outdoors, and grilling out! What a man, what a man, what mighty good man!!! :)
Lee, I love you!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My First Post

I'm not sure how this blog thing works and I'm definitely going to have to get some how-to tips from my blogger friends! I was inspired today to sign-up by a posting from a dear cousin/friend. I have so much on my mind as of late; just quandaries, thoughts, opinions, and just life stuff in general. I'm looking forward to this new blogging adventure. Have patience with me as I get used to it!! :)