Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wow....Hello There

Its been over a year since I last blogged. How did that happen? It is overwhelming to try and put into words the last year of our lives. Not sure how to do that, what to say, where to start, no clue. Right now my brain feels like a ketchup bottle that just won't give. I'm gonna be really honest, this post is going to be pointless nonsense that I may or may not even post. But maybe, if I just take the plunge and start writing again, it will get easier. The Lord has been calling our family to stop settling for "good enough", to stop being silent, to stop being afraid, to step out in faith and testify about what He is doing in our lives. We feel like one way to do that is for me to start writing here again. The problem is, I still have no idea where or how to start. But I also know that I'm supposed to do the "next right thing" and the next right thing is to start posting again. So here goes.... Hello blogging community, family, friends, whoever is out there reading this...I'm back and I have some things the say!