Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ballgames Ballgames and more Ballgames

This is a weekend guessed it, ballgames! We had one on Friday, and we have one this afternoon and then again on Monday. It makes life busy! Hey, I'm not complaining mind you. We were very blessed to be able to get both boys on the same machine-pitch team, and for all you multi-child/ballplayers mommas out there, you know exactly why I would call this little miracle a blessing! :) ONE practice schedule, ONE game schedule, ONE snack list, ONE end-of-the-season party to attend; I'm sorry, I'll stop now! Last year they were on different teams, one in t-ball and one in coach-pitch, and I had not known busy until that season! AGH!! So I do not overlook the blessing(however small it may seem to some).
I do like going to the ball field, particularly on a day like today, when the weather is just beautiful! I love seeing my little ballplayers all dressed up in their uniforms, and playing their little hearts out. And play they do! They are very competitive, a trait they definitely got from their father. :) Something changed in my babies, between last ball season and this one.....they developed the testosterone swagger. Anyone know what I'm talking about? It's the scratchin, spittin, seed chewin, all confidence, all male swagger! I couldn't help but laugh watching all those little guys out on the field, acting like little men! Sooo funny and sooo cute!! My boys are now addicted to watching baseball on TV. They try and replicate the baseball behavior on the machine-pitch field! Love it! But.....after every game, my little swaggerin men, STILL run to their momma for a "Good job, bubba!" and a kiss! Nothing better than that!

My Little Braves

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Katie Alarid said...

WOW!! Hunter looks SO much like you there Sara. That's remarkable.