Friday, January 15, 2010

I Love My Job

I really do! This week was my first week back to work, and I enjoyed it so very much! I work as a presenter for Reality Check Inc.
I love ALL the people I work with and their passion for what we do.
I love the life-long friendships that I have made with the great Reality Check employees.
I love that my boss is such an amazing person who is strong, passionate about what she does, loving, has the utmost integrity, has a marriage that I can look up too, deserves my respect, and can always be trusted! :)
I love that I get to talk to young people about their futures and the consequences, positive and negative, for the choices that they make.
I love that we talk to them honestly about their sexual activity.
I love giving them up-to-date medical information.
I love being able to finally get them to understand that "Sex is anything, for the top of your head to the tip of your toes in someone else's underwear zone, or their anything in yours".
I love being able to tell them that EVERY choice matters.
I love hearing the incredible goals they have set for their futures.
I love it when they trust me enough to ask questions.
I love questions, it shows me that they really want to be informed.
I love being able to head up X-Factor Games, because it's so much fun!
I love laughing with them.
I love telling them, some for the first time, that they are valuable.
I love looking at their faces as they "get it".
I love telling them that we believe that they are strong enough to set goals and boundaries and stay in them.
I love getting to know all the coaches and especially when they get into playing the games with us!
I love playing the integrity game, it's my favorite!
I love explaining integrity and honor.
I love pointing out the kids who are showing great integrity.
I love giving the students the opportunity to call out their classmates who are showing honor, and listening as they do!
I love it when the definition of integrity "clicks" and they begin to understand that they can live it!
I love reading their awesome comment cards.
I love when I read that they have changed their minds and are choosing to save their sex for marriage.

I guess, in short, I just really love young people and I really LOVE my job!!!

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Adam and Kimber Ricks said...

I Love this entry:)

Makes me miss Xfacor:)