Friday, December 6, 2013

The Last Two Years

I'll start with a list of the major changes. The bullet points help me keep it all organized for the time being.

  • We have a new baby!!! Our family of four has become a family of five through the spirit of adoption and it is AMAZING! Our new "baby" is 17 years old (he was 15, when he came into our home) and his name is Woodrow. We are so in love with this boy! He has changed our lives for the better. We have a story of how he came to be ours, but that will have to wait for another time.
  • We left Lakeside Baptist Church after almost 8 years, this last February. We left for a multitude of reasons, but the most important reason was because the Lord was calling us away. It has been one of the most shocking and painful times in my life. However, we will ALWAYS love the people there. 
  • After leaving Lakeside, we took a brief position as the interim youth pastor at First Baptist Church Garfield from February to April of this year. It was brief, but looking back, we realize that we might not have ever moved on from Lakeside had it not been for this job offer. It was all part of the journey, and it was great! 
  • Now we are currently church planting a Brand New Church in downtown Rogers!!! We could not be more excited! Learn more about us at
The Lord has taught us so much through each one of these life events. He is continuing to teach us what it means to be free; free from religion, free from condemnation, and free to love how HE has called us to love. He is teaching us what it means to live in the Spirit and to test what we have always "believed". He is teaching that God has called us to bigger. He has called us to more. He has called us to live ABUNDANTLY!

More to come,
Sara :) 

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