Monday, April 11, 2011


Last night my boy was caught in a lie. Caught red-handed and I was so grateful. I pray everyday that if my children are straying from God's perfect will that they will be caught by Lee or I. The circumstances surrounding the lie and how he was caught is a personal matter between him, his parents, and the Lord. But God used that circumstance to give me a mirror image of how I behave with Him.

The excuses ~ "But...but...I didn't think you meant THAT!" "Oooohhhh...I forgot." "I didn't mean to" "Wait wait, see what I meant by that was..." "I didn't think you meant NOW." "I didn't lie...I just didn't tell whole truth." "I wanted to obey you, but..." "It's really not my fault"

As a mom, these excuses drive me batty.

However, last night as Lee and I doled out the very necessary discipline required for lying, the Lord spoke into my heart..."Sara, you do the exact same thing to Me. You read My Word, you hear My voice and you don't obey. You give Me every excuse in the book why you didn't do what I told you to do, why you didn't keep the promises you made to Me. I'm telling you now Sara, obey Me. No excuses. I mean it."
As my boy...weeping...prayed, "Jesus, I'm so sorry. Please forgive me for being disobedient and for being a liar.", his mommy...weeping...prayed the exact same thing.

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