Friday, August 20, 2010

Twilight Run and New Balance

Heritage High School Cross Country team hosted their 2nd Annual Twilight 5K Run on Monday! The boys ran the One Mile Fun Run!

Stretching those legs! Getting focused!

Hunter got 2nd place ~ 7.22 minutes! Check out that form!!!

Braden came in 3rd place ~ 7.52 minutes! Laying it all on the track!

So proud of my little runners! They obviously get their running skills from their mother....HAHAHAHA....ok ok so maybe they get it from their Cross Country/Track and Field Coach Daddy who has just been signed on to be sponsored by New Balance! That's right my awesome, handsome, talented, athletic hubby is being sponsored to run in road races by our local New Balance store!He has an official New Balance jersey to wear while he runs (which he did not have yet when these pics were taken), and he also gets free running shoes! Yep, he is that good! :)I am one proud wife! I love my little family of runners! I'm the cheerleader, as the boys would say! PS. Lee won that race he is running in in the pictures!!! And he won it by a long shot!

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