Wednesday, August 18, 2010

St. Louis Fun

A couple of weeks ago, Lee and I took the boys to St. Louis on a mini family vacation! It was SO much fun!!!
We rented a vehicle to drive up there since it was expected to be 105+ degrees in St. Louis and our vehicles don't have the best air conditioning systems...which, by the way, it reached 110+ degrees while we were there! YUCK!! Anyway, we reserved a compact car...when we went to pick it up, this was waiting on us~Yep...after a moment of shock and some laughter, we decided to squeeze in and call it a part of the adventure. Other than the fact that the drivers seat belt smelled like it had been soaked in B.O. for about a week...It was actually really great...we could fit into some small, but fantastic parking places! The boys named it "Big Ben"!
Let me pause to say that the Garmin GPS system...saves our vacation marriage! HAHA! No trying to read and communicate over a map, which of the eight lanes to be in! Thank you, Lord for giving somebody the wisdom to invent that little miracle! Why did we wait so long to get one? :)
We visited the City Museum in the Downtown area. It was the most fun our family has ever had! So cool! It was difficult to get pictures though, because we were climbing, crawling, and playing as much as the boys were! We will DEFINITELY go back! But next time we will go when it is a bit cooler! :)

One of the boys favorite shows on television is Man v. Food on the Travel Channel! So before we went, I looked up the places that he eats at while in St. Louis. We went to two of those places (again, Thank you Garmin GPS)! It was very cool! The boys LOVED it! Here we are at Pappy's smokehouse ~

SOOOOOO yummy!!!!

And then we went and had malts at Crown Candy Kitchen ~

Ice cream so good, it had to come from heaven! :)

We also went to the zoo...which is 1. A really great zoo and 2. Is that makes it even better!!!

Can't wait for our next mini-vacation!

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Sarah said...

oh my gosh! your boys are so cute! what a fun little family vaycay! my husband and I are leaving in 6 days to celebrate our 1-year anniversary! I'm so excited and it is good to see that you can still have fun, stress-free vacations with kiddies : ) anyway, i just found your blog on "The Preacher's Wife" website so I thought I'd come take a little look! What an inspiration your story is... I look forward to reading more!