Monday, April 26, 2010

Some of My Favorite Quotes from the Weekend

"No one can sing your Redeemers praise for you. Step up in your worship to your Redeemer!" ~ Travis Cottrell

"To God we are not a sea of faceless people...we are a sea of "ones"! Our worship to Him is personal, because He is personal to us!" ~ Travis Cottrell

"You will never be secure by accident. It takes an intentional daily decision!" ~ Beth Moore

"That was the old me...this is the new me!" ~ repeated after Beth Moore

"Our God is a God of Resurrection! He will not leave what belongs to Him dead!" ~ Kitty Osmon

"I am clothed with strength and dignity. I can laugh at days to come!" ~ taken from Proverbs 31:25

"God will never allow Satan to do more to us than what He knows we can handle, and He knows us better than we know ourselves!" ~ Scott Hill

"The Accuser can't accuse us of anything, that our Savior doesn't already know about and forgiven!" ~ Scott Hill

"A bulldog can almost always whip a skunk in a fight, but it's not always worth the stink! Pick your battles carefully!" ~ Vance Havner (re-quoted by Scott Hill)

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