Thursday, February 4, 2010

Stinky Asthma!

On Tuesday, we had to make an ER visit with Hunt for his stinky asthma! It was a long night and morning. One that was very concerning for this momma!
Hunter has always had asthma, he gets that from me. We have made asthma related ER visits every year of his life, but until Tuesday it had been 2 years since we had to visit the ER for asthma. That said, we've been down this road a few times! :) However, only once before, about 3 years ago, was he admitted to the hospital for it. Well, this time Hunt just wasn't responding like they hoped he would be to all the medication they were giving him. His oxygen levels were dipping down and he wasn't able to keep them up without the help of oxygen. He hadn't ever needed the help of oxygen before so that shook me a bit.
They took x-rays, and thankfully there was no sign of pneumonia! After many, many, many hours in the emergency room (6 1/2 to be exact), they decided that he needed to be admitted, at least for the night and we got moved to a room upstairs.
We met Ashleigh, our night nurse! She was so very sweet, kind, and understanding! She would let Hunter call her to "test" out the call remote and make sure it was still working, then to his delight she called on it to check on him! As a mom, I can't thank her enough for how sweet she was to my boy! She then brought him a snack and he was officially smitten. :) We were very disappointed when her shift was over! What a blessing it was, to have her as a nurse! A thank you note is going to be sent! :)
It was a long night. There was little to no sleep for either one of us. Hunter is a rough sleeper and kept tossing and turning, pulling out all the wires and sensors. Of course then, alarms, and bells, and beeps would go off and we would wake up to get them put back. Because of the updraft medicine and steroids he was being given, once he would wake back up, it would take him a long time to settle back down to sleep. Poor boy.....poor mom! He was in relatively good spirits the whole time despite where he was.
The next morning, they brought breakfast for him. He was so excited that he could eat in bed! Then they gave him a menu for lunch and told him he could choose what he wanted! Oh man, then he was excited! He chose mac and cheese, and for those of you who know him well, that is no surprise! :) We eventually got released around 1:00pm, under strict orders to keep him home from school til Monday and on an updraft schedule (We have a nebulizer at home) and liquid steroids.
Today is a new day, and he is feeling much better! And after getting relatively caught back up on sleep, so am I! :)
Hunter is a sweet sweet boy and I am incredibly blessed to be his mom! Thank you, Lord!
Now, it's time for another updraft session.....


Sassy Cassie said...

that first picture made me so sad :( I am glad that he is getting better! I did a lot of praying for that boy. And how wonderful is that nurse :) love you guys!

Jennifer said...

I'm with Cassie. That first pic is just so sad. Glad he's feelin better.

Adam and Kimber Ricks said...

i am glad that hunter is feeling better. eli told me all about it yesterday. haha:)