Monday, November 9, 2009

Thank You

Thank you, Lord! Thank you for all You are and all You have done! Thank You that You are the Rock that I can run to when my heart is overwhelmed! (Psalm 61:2) Thank you that even when I don't know how to pray, You make intercession, with groanings that can not be uttered! (Romans 8:26) Thank You, Lord that You are mighty to save! That you take great delight in us, you quiet us with Your love, and You rejoice over us with singing! (Zeph. 3:17) Thank You that You ride through the clouds to help us and in Your arms we are safe! (Deut. 33:25-27) Thank You that You know us inside and out! You know our every thought even before it is and You love us still! Thank you that You hem us in before and behind, such knowledge is to wonderful for me to comprehend! (Psalm 139) I guess what I really want to say is; Thank You, for EVERYTHING!!! I am in awe of who You are!

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