Thursday, August 20, 2009

The First Day of School and my Babies

Yesterday was the first day of school for both Lee and the boys! As I took my babies to their respective 1st and 2nd grade classrooms, I thought, "How did this happen so quickly!? How did they get so big so fast?" It's seems like just yesterday.........

They are STILL my babies!

They were both excited and nervous, but did great. They have both made new friends and are loving eating lunch and playing at recess together. And to top it all off, they both get to have class with Mr. Wood (aka.Daddy) everyday this week.
I pack their lunches with a special note inside saying how much I love them and miss them and that I'm praying for them. When I picked them up from school Wednesday, I asked Hunter if he had read the note. He said, "As a matter of fact, Mom, I did! And I'll have you know that it made me cry so hard that the lunchroom ladies let me go back to my classroom to compose myself. Can you please not do that to me again?" OH DEAR!!! I told him I was so sorry and that I wouldn't do it again. However, this morning he asked if there was a note and so I wrote one and he read it BEFORE school so he was prepared for later! :) I love that tender-hearted boy!
Braden has come home both days so proud of himself that he has not gotten into trouble yet. That makes us proud too! :) I love the moment every morning when he gives me a goodbye hug and kiss and whispers, "I love you Mommy! I miss you while I'm gone!" I love that sweet boy!
We have all now had two days under the belt. I think we are officially back into the swing of school schedule. That doesn't make me miss my guys, all 3 of them, any less!

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Little Miss Loren said...

So exciting to see these brothers!! Not only are they brothers by blood but now by the blood of Christ!!