Monday, June 15, 2009

The Small Things

I am struck anew today that I really should be thanking God for the small things that He blesses me with every day! Our air conditioning broke and after a couple of weeks without it, it got fixed today! Now my home is cool and comfy! We also had a large outbreak of ants, lots and lots of ants, again. They were driving me CRAZY! Today the pest guys came out and they are now gone again! As inconsequential as these two things are, they bothered me. Now I'm aware how trivial that sounds. There are fellow believers all over the world who live every day with no A/C and with lots of bugs, and those are the very least of their worries! I know this and it shames me to think of all the little things that I complain about. Today I'm thanking the Lord for the blessings of A/C and pest control. He didn't have to bless me and my family like He does, but He did. I thank Him for everything He has done for us, from the very big to the very very small.

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