Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Jesus in a Five Year Old Boy

Today, I was fed up. I was angry. I felt so overwhelmed and so very alone. There in my car, tears rolling down my face, I was brutally and completely honest. I told the Lord, out loud, that I was so angry, that I was hurt, that I was overwhelmed, that I felt alone, that I was feeling far from loving.
I pulled into my sister's house for a girls lunch, took a deep breath, and tried to pull myself together. I went inside, said my hellos, a smile plastered on my face. My mom was reading books to the older kids. The little ones were running around. Becca was cooking. Others were arriving. It was busy and it was loud. That was working well for me. Maybe I would go unnoticed until I could fully get it together.
As I was sitting on the couch lost in my own thoughts, I caught the eye of my five year old nephew, Mason. He was looking at me intently. I smiled the best I could at his sweet face, because honestly how could you not. Then, with a gentle smile, he quietly walked over, climbed up on the couch beside me. He wrapped his precious arms around my neck and kissed my cheek. As he squeezed tighter, he softly whispered "I love you, Aunt Sara."
As that precious five year old continued to hug me, I whispered back "I love you too."
"How did you know I needed a hug, Mason?", I asked.
"I just knew", he said. .
Tears filled my eyes, and holding back sobs, I heard the Lord say "I love you too, Sara. I love you so much, that I spoke to a shy, quiet 5 year old and sent him over there to let you know."

What a loving and gracious God we have. He is so full of compassion and mercy. And it has overwhelmed me!

Listen for His voice. Be obedient to the Spirit's leading. And like Mason, be Jesus to someone else who might just simply need to feel loved today.


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